Serving In Church – What I’ve Learned

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Serving In Church

Serving in church is often a rewarding experience. But what happens when it isn’t?

I have this need to keep moving and keep doing. I was sitting in church feeling anxious.

You see, I’ve always had some responsibility in church. I’ve done almost every job. From preaching the sermon to leading worship, to running sound, to ushering people to their seats, leading the children’s ministry, to many more assignments.

Recently I took a break from serving and it’s been really hard to sit there and have nothing to do. Even when everyone bows their heads to pray, I’m looking around. It’s just a habit.

Then my thoughts race and I’m thinking about different groups I could be a part of. While my brain tries desperately to solve this problem, I came to this realization.

1. Serving In Church Is Up To You

You are not required to serve in your church. Yes, the Pastor and ministry leaders want you to serve. If you can, you should, but really, you are the one who decides when, where and how that happens. Feeling anxious about serving could mean that your church leadership has pressured you by saying things like, “there’s no one else.”

The truth is that no one should be pressured to serve beyond their capacity, ability or desire. Whatever leadership issue is causing this kind of pressure had nothing to do with you. Rest assured that if/when you might take a break, the church will move on, leadership will find a replacement despite how much they might plead for you to stay.

2. Serving Too Much – Take A Break

If you’re burned out from serving too much, then my suggestion is to scale it back or take a break. Trust me, the church will continue to do the work of the ministry without you.

3. Take This Time To Feed On God’s Word

One of the many purposes of the church is to share the good news about Christ. To build up the body. Make sure you attend the worship service. It’s important for you to feed on God’s word.

4. Ask God When You Should Serve Again

Ask God for direction on where you should serve next. I firmly believe that God leads us to the next thing he has planned. There’s a reason you’re taking a break, and God knows what that reason is. As you pray and ask God for direction, he will reveal it to you in time.

Be selective and make sure you are not over committing yourself. Make sure you are serving in a place that allows you fulfillment and allows you to operate in the talents that God gave you.

My prayer is that you fulfill the calling that God has given you while you are serving in church.

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” Ephesians 2:10